1. travel-photos-hzc:

    Japanese Multi-Colored Candy Balls, Kyoto Style | Temari Ame 手まり飴


  2. moyuru92:



  3. (kakisibuから)

  4. 沈铨 - 孔雀朝凤

    by Shen Quan (Qing Dynasty) 


  5. monsieurcouture:

    Franzisca Michael S/S 2015 Menswear Berlin fashion Week

  6. pixography:

    Caitlin Hackett ~ "The World Beyond"


  7. alicedollhouse:


    "The Oracle"

    Sterling silver with clear quartz sphere. White topaz accent.

    I’ve been wanting something from Omnia for a while now.. but I have to have this. I have a thing for hands.


  8. (mmqqbbから)

  9. monsieurcouture:

    Franziska Michael S/S 2015 Menswear Berlin Fashion Week

  10. madmothmiko:

    DA User: laziesheaven


  11. nibelungenhalle:

    Andrey Klimenko “Wotan’s Will”, 1995


  12. artofnarrative:

    Katharine Cameron (1874-1965) ~ In Fairyland ~ Cover Art ~ 1904

    "She was happy all day long in fairyland."

  13. moji:

    南無阿弥陀佛   Tseng GoRong‎