1. (kakisibuから)

  2. madness-and-gods:

    blue spiral © Gill Hobson 2011


  3. kantakun:

    old school-ass animation tests


  4. monsieurcouture:

    Mr. Turk S/S 2015 Menswear New York Fashion Week

  5. visualsofsamuelomare:

    Street Styles of New York Fashion Week at Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

    itsaliencum blackfashion


  6. thegirlofnovels:

    Ah, the joy of having matching covers for the entire DOSAB trilogy.


  7. asylum-art:

    Amazing Drawings by Karla Mialynne


    Talented artist Karla Mialynne isn’t content with simply sharing her stunning hyper-realistic art with her 44,000 Instagram followers – she posts these mixed-media images together with the artistic utensils she used to create these pieces, as if to prove that these are indeed drawings and not photographs.


  8. (kakisibuから)

  9. shining-magically:

    Big Hero 6 Concept Art - Hiro and Tadashi

    BH6 Concept Masterpost


  10. monsieurcouture:

    Stinak - Vladimír Staněk S/S 2015 Menswear Prague Fashion Week