1. yungsang:

    Me when people say my childhood cartoon sucks


  2. allofletters:

    #lettering by xzodecx:


  3. periodicult90s:

    Donna Karan runway, Holt Renfrew Point of View, Fall 1993.


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  6. madmothmiko:

    Stanislav Istrato: Dark Surrealist Photography

  7. monsieurcouture:

    Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2010


  8. Yorokobu is a Spanish magazine that focuses on creativity, innovation, technology and design. Each month, different designers contribute to the “Numerografía” section by creating a set of numbers and in issue No. 48 we sent in our Roman Numerals.

    These Roman Numerals are the offshoot of classical typography and architecture; the stems become Ionic columns; the shoulders, semicircular arches; and the crossbars, friezes. Between them, they also work as modules to play with and create small constructions.

    Symbolically, in the same way that the objective of mathematics is to discover the universe, so numbers are the bricks that form that universe.


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